Kfar Blum RZR
  • Kfar Blum RZR

    An exceptional, fun and challenging adventure of driving in RZR, will make your heart miss a beat!

    A two hour trip - we will start at Kibbutz Lehavot Habashan and ride south along the jordan river for 10 minutes. we will then ascend on a steep slope towards the Golan Heights, stop at a viewpoint to see the Hula valley and upper galilee and continue across the Golan ridge. We will then cross the Orvim (crow) stream to a magical spring "Yarden" above Kibbutz Shamir. after a small break for bathing, coffee and snacks, we will continue riding on the Golan and descend back to the Hula valley.

    Trail length: 30 KM, heights: 70 meters to 300 meters above sea level.
    Please make sure to book at least one week in advance. on high season, book one month before your arrival.
    • Details

      A longer 3 hour trip is availalbe for 330 nis per person.
      For a day's trip - contact us.



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