How was Kidmat Hagalil built?

Kidmat Hagalil was established in 2004 by Carmela Mark.

Carmela worked as a teacher and educator for 23 years in Kiryat Shmona

and she has always loved working with people.

When the time came to retire from teaching,

Carmela consulted with the Mark family and they

decided to open a small lodge together, starting with one wooden hut.

Carmela's son - Nave was in charge of the construction work,

Carmela furnished the huts with wood crafts and art works that she hand made

and Moti (Carmela's husband) is always there to help receive

 guests and assist in any way possible.

Carmela is always busy helping guests and running around the resort,

she's more than happy to assist and advise regarding the best tours and activities around the area.

The Resort

The resort is consists of 4 wooden huts, a villa and an apartment with garden view.

Our resort is very spacious with a great blooming garden.

Each hut has a private garden and it's very easy to find a nice shaded spot

to have a picnic in privacy. The lawn has many picnic tables available

for our guests. Our utility room has extra appliances,

towels, dishes - if you need anything additional, we 're happy to help.


The Location

Beit Hillel is located in the center of the Hula valley and next to

the Hatsbani river (or Snir river), walking distance from the resort approximately 5 minutes,

it has a great trail with excellent picnic spots in the valley.

The valley offers a variety of hikes, bicycle trails and many attractions.

Beit Hillel is also very close to the Golan heights and the

Kinneret - sea of galilee. We will be happy to advise regarding the best activities for you.